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Podcast & Historic Trekking

Suzanne Thomson had the opportunity to sit down with Ethan Yazel the host of the Muzzle Blasts Podcast by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Suzanne shares her experiences portraying Mad Anne Bailey, historic trekking, and the impetus behind Outdoor Wilderness Ladies. Listen to the podcast now.

Suzanne’s trekking gear includes a custom made pack by Shelly Gier, made from a braintan deer Suzanne harvested with her Homer Dangler rifle.

These hobnail boots by Robert Land have seen better days but they’re still going strong, even though they’re split out, missing hobnails, and one heel plate.

This bespoke cup made by Lisa Jo Crews proprietress of WoodRidge Studio, includes a famous quote from Mad Anne Bailey and nests perfectly inside a tin kettle.

Sara Boyd made the flat day horn Suzanne carries in her coat pocket to avoid the strap of her full size powder horn. Knit hat by Grace Welch and knit stockings by Karen Hainlen of Apple Cart Creations. Rifle by Master Gunsmith Homer Dangler.

After much trial and error Suzanne has found carrying her bedroll high on her shoulders over her pack makes it more comfortable when traveling with all her gear.




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