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Portraying Women in 


"History is written by the victors, and let's face it, men have been the victors more often than not. So it is incumbent upon women to dig a little deeper to find and share women's stories," 

Suzanne Thomson


Mad anne bailey

Suzanne's portrayal of Mad Anne Bailey 1742-1825 is a heart wrenching experience.

She brings Anne Hennis Trotter Bailey to life right before your eyes. You will see first hand what life was like on the early American frontier and why everyone called her "Mad Anne." 

gene stratton-porter

gene OWL wix.jpg

As a Hoosier native and naturalist, Suzanne Thomson has long been inspired by the writing, photography and philosophy of Gene Stratton-Porter.  Suzanne offers a Chautauqua-style program designed to introduce audiences of all ages to "The Lady of the Limberlost."

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