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OWL Yoga Adventure Hike 2024

April 19-21, 2024

Location: Southern Indiana


We are taking a limited number of reservations for a yoga meditation backpacking 25 mile adventure in Southern Indiana, DM for exact location.

We will start Friday April19, 8:00 am, hike 9 miles to an overnight shelter. We will wake up early for a Saturday sunrise yoga session, followed by a roughly 10 miles hike in challenging terrain. Midday we will find a place to enjoy our lunch and a brief yoga stretching session. We will tent camp Saturday night. Sunday starts with sunrise yoga and we will finish the remaining 6 miles and out by 3:00 pm on the 21st. Along the way we will work through some mindful meditations and spirited conversation.

This is a challenging modern backpacking trip and you should be able to confidently walk 10 to 12 miles a day with your pack prior to attending.


There is no fee, and there is not a certified yogi (just me - or YOU - if you want to lead us), meals are all on your own, we will cache water along the trail before we start Friday and it is definitely an "at your own risk" gig.


Sound interesting? DM us or check it out on facebook at Outdoor Wilderness Ladies Modern Group

 #worklifebalance #hikingadventures #womenforwomen #yogaeveryday


Date: Mid November

Location: TBD: DM for more information

The historic challenger trek will be Thursday through Sunday in Mid-November, the exact date will be announced soon! This trek will be approximately 10 to 12 miles in rough terrain with elevation changes of 300 to 1000 ft. The location will be provided via private message to maintain our safety. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and we will have access to running water. There may be bears in the area therefore we will hang all food every night well away from our camps. 

We have a mix of ladies most of whom have been on several treks. The Challenge Trek is not recommended for a first time historic trekker. Thinking about it? Ask yourself if you are healthy enough and in shape enough - or can you get in shape enough - to hike 10 miles carrying your gear, which will likely be around 30 to 35 pounds. Consider your capabilities carefully. If you are capable, but need historic equipment we can loan clothing and equipment. 

To prepare for this trek/scout you should load up and walk in your full kit (especially your shoes and stockings) a number of times prior to the trek to verify your ability to carry your load AND be able to help carry someone else's when or if needed. You should also walk on various terrain. Walking a mile on a flat sidewalk or treadmill in tennis shoes is not the same as walking a mile in mud on the side of a mountain in moccasins or colonial shoes.

The absolute most important thing to bring with you on your trek is your positive attitude!

Rules for this historic trek are the same as always on OWL historic scouts: 1. Carry your own crap. 2. Be prepared, willing and able to carry someone else's crap if necessary 2a. Ask for help if you need it. 3. Don't bitch.

The rest of the so called "rules" are implied but should be followed to the best of your ability: 1750 - 1790ish time period clothes, shoes, accouterments, equipment. It is ok to bring a camera/phone but don't be obvious, or have it visible very often. The point of this trek is to push yourself in a challenging environment, but remember your best might be different from others.

Pro Tip: Avoid using ropes or thin straps for canteen, bedroll/tumpline, haversacks or snapsacks. If your straps are less than 3” wide you might consider using lamb’s wool padding under straps to provide some cushioning, these pads can also be used as hot pads if they are removable. Baskets, snapsacks, and haversacks may be used to carry items, but remember; nature hates a void – if there is room; you’ll end up filling it! Target weight is roughly 30 to 35 pounds total - this means you will have to be judicious in what you decide is necessary vs desirable.


Be sure to check out the OWL Hold Harmless Document which is required for all participants.


Location: Ohio, Crabill House 

Date: August 23-25

The 2024 OWL Kayak and Skills Camp is great for beginning campers and kayakers or those who want a couple of easy-peasy nights in the great outdoors. We call it the Kayak Camp because we have an easy access site and spend much of the day and evening kayaking. This easy camp allows you simply unload your tent, kayak, and camp supplies from your  car and set up camp right next to it.


You will need your own kayak or canoe as well as PFD. If you don't have one, there may be a chance to borrow or rent depending upon location and attendees who may be willing to lend or share. 

This year we are adding a skills development component to foster self reliance, independence and capabilities.


WHO: Women interested in an easy - beginner level 18th century style trek

WHAT: Lite-Night in the Woods

WHEN: March 2024

WHERE: Central Indiana or Kentucky, more details will be provided privately, send a message for more information about location. 

Who? Who? Whooooo will join us?

This will be a "Shake down" or a "Try it Lite" Women Only Scout/Trek geared toward Newbies/Hatchlings and those who want to see if a Hard Core Trek is something you want to do. There will be a combination of experienced OWLs and Hatchlings. Together we will share experience and knowledge in a very welcoming and accepting group. This is not a "tent event." This is an under the stars (we hope) wrap up in a wool blanket under an oil cloth or trail tarp event.


There may be a need to share equipment and perhaps even borrowing of clothes/shoes etc to allow those who don't have their own to join us. We have many items available to "try it before you buy it" - these items are not for sale, but we can make recommendations for where to buy if you decide you need to.


The location will not be publicly announced, but it will be in central Indiana in a very easy park and walk in location. Contact us for more details.


Most OWL events will take place in a midwest State Park, National Park, Wilderness Area or private land.  


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