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Our Founder


Inspiring and Empowering Women

Since 2009 Suzanne Thomson has been dedicated to getting more women in the woods and on the trail. 

OWL was founded by Suzanne Thomson. Thomson is a certified Wilderness First Aid Responder and Indiana Master Naturalist candidate.  She has spent more than 10 years in the development, continuous research, and costumed portrayal of the historical figure Mad Anne Bailey (1742-1825). An artist's model, Suzanne appears in more than a dozen paintings depicting Mad Anne Bailey and life on the frontier in the 18th century. She is a staff writer for Muzzleloader Magazine, contributing author to MuzzleBlast Magazine, Journal of Early Americas and On The Trail Magazine.  Suzanne is a busy mom, happy wife, and business executive. 

MuzzleBlast Magazine
Muzzleloader Magazine
On The Trail Magazine
Woman Hunter
Journal Of Early Americas
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